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— Experimental Jetset
Beyond the Space of Fragile Geometry

Experimental Jetset Screening
Saturday, 15.06.2024, 5 pm

An evening of print and moving images compiled by Experimental Jetset from their Provo archive, contrasted with a screening of 'Don't Look Now' – Nicolas Roeg's 1973 thriller set in Venice – both of which inspired Experimental Jetset's current installation at Ca'Buccari.

Provo Screening – 5pm
Don't Look Now Screening – 7pm

Screening introduced by Erica Overmeer, curator of Experimental Jetset's exhibition 'The Fragile Space of Geometry' at Ca'Buccari, and Iván Martínéz, an Experimental Jetset alumni and Mexico City-based graphic designer and publisher.

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