— TEST Experimental Jetset
Beyond the Space of Fragile Geometry

An Installation by Experimental Jetset

Thursday–Sunday, 1–7 pm

    I am bored with symmetry, verticals and horizontals,
    the beauties of balance. I like it when time disturbs
    space, destabilizes it, chops it through with diagonals
    and bleed lines.

    —Régis Debray, “Against Venice” (1999)

    Ritual ideas, relativity
    Only buildings, no people prophecy
    Time slide, place to hide, nudge reality
    Foresight, minds wide, magic imagery

    —Big Audio Dynamite, “E=MC2” (1986)

Experimental Jetset, is an independent, Amsterdam-based graphic design collective, founded in 1997 by Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers, and Danny van den Dungen. Their work, which focuses primarily on printed matter and
site-specific installations, is unique in the way it seeks to “transform language into objects.” A key theme in their research is the relationship between sign and city, viewing the city as a platform and infrastructure for language and information.
Beyond the Space of Fragile Geometry is a site-specific installation that refers both to Nicolas Roeg's 1973 psychological thriller Don't Look Now and the brick-wall motif used by Provo – the Amsterdam anarchist movement of the mid-1960s.

Experimental Jetset’s research into these subjects has resulted in a series of outdoor banners and a large-scale spatial installation and accompanying documentation. The installation extends from Ca’Buccari into the surrounding arcades, playing with notions around public and private—in the city, in infrastructure, and in language.

Recent exhibitions include “AUTONOMIARTEPOVERARCHIZOOMEMPHISUPERSTUDIOPERAISMO,” MACRO, Rome, 2023, MACRO, Rome, and  “Full Scale False Scale” MoMA, New York, 2019.  

They have published a number of books including, Statement and Counter-Statement (Notes on Experimental Jetset, Volume 1), 2015, Full Scale False Scale: A Reader of Sorts (Notes On Experimental Jetset, Volume 3), 2020, and Superstructures (Notes On Experimental Jetset, Volume 2), 2021, all published by Roma Publications.

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